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Our Mission

We couple brands, corporations and institutions of all kind with artists to infuse these organizations with the arts’ creative power, non-linear thinking and outside perspective.


How We Work

They say artists play without fear of making mistakes, they have an openness to trial and error. Artists have their very own perspective and know how to think “outside of the box”. Artists reinvent the world with their works.

Today, ever more artists and companies realize the potential of each other, which is why manifold collaborations between both worlds arise. There are plenty of different collaboration forms – from co-created limited editions, public art to artist residencies, from artist insight workshops and interviews to experimental pop-up spaces – but often, these collaborations prove to be difficult: The company’s expectations may not match those of the artist and vice versa, or a lack of mutual understanding may prevent both a fruitful process and the sustainable implementation of the generated insights into the corporate structures.

As the owners of Circle Culture (Cc) Consulting also operate the Circle Culture Gallery, one of Cc’s key strengths lies in speaking both languages while always putting respectful, equal and empathetic dialogues first: Circle Culture knows the artist’s wishes and potential fears perfectly well and is, at the same time, aware of those of the collaborating company.

Circle Culture has therefore begun to advise brands by bringing them together with artists from their gallery as well as from the global key creative network, accompanying both sides equally throughout the entire collaborative process.

Past fusions have shown that with the help of Circle Culture as an intermediary, artists and companies work together more successfully, more trustfully and more creatively with the fulfilling result that both parties’ expectations are often even exceeded.

Past Collaborations

Past Collaborations Past Collaborations
Credits: Benjamin Kindervatter


Philanthropic projects
Kevin Earl Taylor x Arts & Nature Social Club
Philanthropic projects

Our experiences gained within the context of the Arts & Nature Social Club enable us to inspire you to shape meaningful cultural ventures that confer a deeper soul and a more important role within society upon your brand/corporation/institution.

Corporate culture workshops
Converse x Rubber Tracks Artists
Corporate culture workshops

We help you to team up with an artist whose creative mindset perfectly fits your organization and who will instill valuable impulses to sharpen and/or redefine the values, structures and tools that make your company truly unique.

Artist-led insight generation
Daniel Arsham x Joyn Bio
Artist-led insight generation

We support you in finding an artist whose works and way of thinking promise to provide you with unique, beneficial insights, which you can ultimately leverage to create unprecedented products, services and/or campaigns for your customer.

Experimental 3D spaces
Pfadfinderei x leaps by Bayer
Experimental 3D spaces

We assist you and the artist of your choice in building unparalleled experiences for your customers by conceiving one-of-a-kind experiential, interactive and engaging event designs.

CI development
Olivia Steele x Absolut
CI development

We bring you together with an artist who will infuse your corporate identity – or special services, new product launches, celebrations and campaigns – with peerlessly creative elements and a genuinely artistic touch.

Artist as a generator of PR
Ana Kras x Mini
Artist as a generator of PR

We support you in teaming up with the right artist whose work, appeal as well as on and offline communication channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, own blog, personal network) have both the power and influence to generate long-lasting buzz and PR on your behalf.

Limited editions
Marc Newson x Nike
Limited editions

We help you to co-create artistic limited editions of your favorite products and to turn them into highly coveted collectors’ items.

Curatorial Service
Soho House Berlin
Curatorial Service

Over the last thirty years, the curators Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer and Aaron Rose have built longstanding relationships with artists, galleries, museums, foundations and companies by curating about 300 art exhibitions and cultural projects (e.g. Art in the Streets/Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Hotel de Rome, Pret A Diner, Uniqlo, Nike, Soho House Group, Beautiful Losers/USF Contemporary Art Museum). With these profound insights and know-how, we will help you by conceptualizing and developing unique exhibitions and/or public art projects specifically suited to your organization.

Credits: Oliver Rath

About Us

Circle Culture Art Collaborations is run by Dirk Staudinger, the CEO of the Circle Culture Group. Since 2001, he also owns both the strategic and creative brand consulting Circle Culture Consulting and the Circle Culture Gallery.

By joining forces on this third venture, he wishes to fully leverage his long-standing expertise in both the art and commercial world and serves as a bridging match-maker, cultural translator and true partner for both parties.

Dirk believes that there is no other entity today that is more capable of bestowing creativity, aesthetics, insights, value and legitimacy on brands, corporations and institutions than art.

By helping both worlds to merge – in the context of either one-off projects or long-lasting partnerships – Circle Culture Art Collaborations enables peerless experiences, one-of-a-kind products, unparalleled knowledge, unique perspectives and excellent corporate cultures.


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